We expect litter "E" - February 2017

- litter "E" - information HERE

    We are not a grower, but Breeders who are trying to achieve in the future puppies excellent exterior, excellent hunting abilities and perfect nature. 

    It goes without saying that the mother and puppies will be given our utmost care and love. Puppies will grow up in a home environment, with the possibility of discovering the world in our garden. Mother and puppies are fed only super premium feed and given the best veterinary care.

    The new owners of puppies will leave at 8 weeks, vaccinated, dewormed, tattooed, and socialized. As part of socialization, among other things, chewing puppies in foreign environments, normal household tourism (dishwasher, washing machine, ...), learn basic hygiene habits (cutting nails, cleaning eye, ear cleaning, ...), to become acquainted with new people , children, dogs and most are part of the socialization of FONDLING :-)!!! To their new homes they will carry a layette: a bag of super premium feed, PET PASS, the purchase agreement, printed board for food and education and the smallness of a new home.
   The puppies from this unique combination anticipate strong skeleton, excellent exterior, exceptional hunting abilities and balanced and pleasant nature. Puppies are very suitable for the shows, to work, but also as loving family companions.

      Now we have a couple of serious candidates, because if my interest in a puppy please Contact us.