Litter C

1 girl & 1 boy AVAILABLE

We have 6 lovely puppies

Sex: 4 female & 2 male

Born: 16th July 2014

Photo HERE



               - Kyle -                             - Farrah -

        AALTO Just Weimaraner            Faithful Farrah Sirius Nova


Pedigree litter "C"                                                             

Suitable father, I am for the third and also the last litter Farrah was looking for a long time. 
     After careful selection, I chose Kyle, beautiful and very successful working dog living in the Netherlands. Again, I put great emphasis on nature, health, excellent exterior and working abilities. 
   Puppies from this litter is expected in the summer months. We believe that this puppies fully meets our expectations - it will be beautiful, health, hunting talented and most balanced character weimaraners. We are looking forward this puppies.
     If you are interested in a puppy, please contact me.