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Puppies celebrated first Week ...

20/06/2011 07:44

    Yesterday puppies "celebrated" the first week in this world, literally growing before the eyes! On Saturday, there were also weighing, each of which gained nearly 100% of their birth weight, they are proper "eaters"! Puppies started voice to show, among contented munching, also otherwise - the first attempts at barking, ... which are increasingly common.

 Current weight:

 Blue Boy - 912 g

 Red Boy - 717 g

 Pink Girl - 867 g

 Vanilla Girl - 1070 g

 Purple Girl - 900 g

 Orange Boy - 974 g

 Yellow Girl - 921 g

 Green Boy - 871 g

On Tuesday we went docked tails, they managed it to number one! Farrah is exemplary mother, she manages to care for the famously tiny! The gallery, I added lots of new photos for fast viewing here.

Beautiful Day wishes to all

Eva, Farrah & 8 gray angels

We have got puppies...!!!

12/06/2011 18:26


    We bring wonderful news ...!!! Yesterday morning, 11th June 2011, we have born puppies!!! We have 8 beautiful and healthy puppies at wonderful in the ratio of 4 males + 4 females. The whole course was uneventful delivery and very fast for about four hours they are all at the world ...! Farrah is an amazing mom!!!

Puppies was born in this order:

6:10 - Blue Boy - 474 g
6:38 - Red Boy - 383 g
7:07 - Pink Girl - 487 g
7:38 - Vanilla Girl - 580 g
8:10 - Purple Girl - 480 g
8:50 - Orange Boy - 480 g
9:58 - Yellow Girl - 513 g
10:14 - Green boy - 460 g


    In the photo gallery I created a new section Litter "A " to which I've uploaded photos of babies of 1 of life, for quick viewing here.

We wish you a wonderful day and get back again soon.

Your Eva & proud mom Farrah & 8 gray babies

Every day we expect puppies ...

09/06/2011 20:48

    Today is the 61st from the first day mating and this means that at any moment they could come to our world with love expected puppies! We expect to be born this weekend or early next week. Everything is ready for their arrival and we are looking forward to our little ones. Farrah enjoys our care, often resting in the whelping box and is preparing for the birth.

The new pictures of our pregnant women can be seen here.

Surely very soon we came with new news ....

Beautiful day wishes

Eva & chubby Farrah

53rd day of pregnancy ...

01/06/2011 14:33

    Today is Farrah already the 53rd days pregnant. She is very calm and mostly resting. Abdomen her already very overgrown, a few days we have seen in the belly of the first movement pupies, a beautiful feeling ....

In gallery I've added new photos for fast viewing here.
All the best
Eva & ball Farrah

The first half of pregnancy is over ...

16/05/2011 22:05

    Time goes by very quickly, the first half of pregnancy has been successful for us. Today is 37 day of pregnancy and Farrah starts to change before our eyes, little belly is already at first glance. This beautiful period, we all realy enjoy it, and especially our pregnant women. Most of the time spent resting and walking, in which she becomes calmer, but when we come across the game all the same, Farrah still has a great desire to work well.
In the photo gallery I created a new section of - 1st pregnancy, at the photos you can look here too.
The next news and new photos we get back to you next week.

Have a nice spring

Eva & pregnant Farrah


We are waiting puppies...

07/05/2011 10:07

    For all those interested in our puppies and for all who are with us enjoying at the "gray gifts" in our kennel, I have good news - FARRAH IS PREGNANT!!! On sonographic examination, we went yesterday. Our vet saw about four puppies, so we'll see how many are around 12th June "peeks" at the world. During the upcoming period of pregnancy, I will regularly update this site and inform you about how to manage expectant mother.

     In the gallery, I have recently uploaded new photos Farrah and today I added more, to see in the section Farrah - three and a half years, or here. More photos were added in the section - From hunting training, where I uploaded photos from the field on Wednesday ( that day was the 25th of Farrah already pregnant ), to watch here.

 Have a beautiful and sunny day.

 Your Eva & pregnant Farrah

Breeding in far Sweden...

13/04/2011 17:15


    Yesterday morning, we returned home from our more than 3000 km long path ( CZ-SWE-CZ ). In very early Saturday morning we drove to Sweden at the destination, namely the Veberöd, we arrived on Saturday evening. Immediately after our arrival, courtship took place between Farrah and Kaiser. The next day we repeated the mating and in the afternoon we headed back to the CZ. From Kaiser was me and Farrah excited!!! Second day of mating, Farrah Kaiser welcomed it out of the car, loud calling ...! Kaiser us throughout our stay was showing only the best: he is a wonderful dog with a really fantastic, nice and very patient nature. It's a sweetheart and a gentleman with all the trimmings!!!

     For about 3 weeks, we'll go with Farrah on ultrasound, hopefully we will see little balls ...!!!

     In the Photogallery, I uploaded lots of pictures of the way, of courtship and a small trip along the coast near Trelleborg.

All the best Eva & Farrah

Present sire planned litter "A" ...

30/03/2011 22:04

Let us introduce the father, the planned summer litter "A". As I've mentioned in previous news, we have chosen to meet our high standards of quality exterior, excellent working abilities, pleasant nature, ... . With pleasure, we present a dog, all of which fully meets our requirements and also has a "something" ... spell, charm, spark, .... Father of our puppies will be beautiful, very successful working dog, living in Sweden - ICh* Scuba's Inchmurrin - Kaiser. For our chosen, we'll go at the beginning of April. I hope that Farrah will be my choice as excited as I am and everything will run smoothly. Full details of planned puppies and both parents, see the section - Puppies.

 Have a beautiful and sunny SPRING!!!

 Your E & F

Change our plans...

12/02/2011 10:34


    We are planning a "Summer puppies", but after long talks with experts in reproduction, and given the many different circumstances, I opted for the most natural - the natural breeding. Father of our puppies we select very carefully, so as to meet our high demands on the exterior, working ability and character!!! Coming soon, here on the site will post the name chosen!!!
     In our gallery, I added a few new winter photos, for quick viewing

Have a nice day
Your Eva and Farrah

Third Birthday...

12/01/2011 15:15

    Farrah today 12th January, celebrates third birthday. Happy Birthday my dear!!! I added a Photo Gallery of photos from last year, to see here.
Have a nice winter, Your Eva and Farrah

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