Breeding in far Sweden...

13/04/2011 17:15


    Yesterday morning, we returned home from our more than 3000 km long path ( CZ-SWE-CZ ). In very early Saturday morning we drove to Sweden at the destination, namely the Veberöd, we arrived on Saturday evening. Immediately after our arrival, courtship took place between Farrah and Kaiser. The next day we repeated the mating and in the afternoon we headed back to the CZ. From Kaiser was me and Farrah excited!!! Second day of mating, Farrah Kaiser welcomed it out of the car, loud calling ...! Kaiser us throughout our stay was showing only the best: he is a wonderful dog with a really fantastic, nice and very patient nature. It's a sweetheart and a gentleman with all the trimmings!!!

     For about 3 weeks, we'll go with Farrah on ultrasound, hopefully we will see little balls ...!!!

     In the Photogallery, I uploaded lots of pictures of the way, of courtship and a small trip along the coast near Trelleborg.

All the best Eva & Farrah