06/12/2010 22:09

Well, here we go!!!
News, to which many of us long and anxiously waiting ...  !!!

    At Monday, 22. November Farrah began her season and I started on this "Carousel" (and a "mild" stress that everything can be ready in time) phone calls and e-mails about arranging transportation of frozen semen of our chosen us from Ireland to the Czech Republic. Luckily everything went smoothly, and Monday, 30. November Ireland left the container with an outstanding content - frozen semen Ally's a went on a long trip to the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic "small frozen Alabamas" arrived in perfect condition - completely frozen, the morning of Wednesday 1. December. 

    I did not want to leave anything to chance and to measure levels of progesterone in the blood, I started to go with Farrah very soon , from Friday 26. November. This day was the result of near-zero values. Further blood samples followed the Tuesday 30. November, progesterone stood up to 2.14 ng / ml, and Thursday 2. December was the level of progesterone in the blood of the value of 6.19 ng / ml. On Thursday, we are depending on the result of progesterone, began to negotiate a deadline insemination at the Department of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in Brno. Day, with a capital "D", was determined Saturday, 4. December in the afternoon.

    On Saturday we got into the cars and go to Brno ... About 17 hours we were on site at the Department of reproduction of Veterinary University . Surgery "Intrauterine insemination with endoscope", perform MVDr. R. Vitásek Ph.D. and his professional team. Insemination took a very short time and proceeded in absolute quiet and cool. Farrah was the whole time to literally AMAZING!!! During examination and blood sampling to determine the current levels of progesterone, even during the surgery Farrah looked like nothing. Everything took it as something quite normal and obvious ...

Progesterone levels in the blood during insemination was 15 ng / ml - the ideal number for insemination (min 12 ng / ml - up to 20 ng / ml, the ideal of 15 ng / ml)!

    For successful artificial insemination course we all did our best, now everything is purely and simply the nature ...

For about 25 days we go to the SONO, perhaps we'll see "fruits", not only of our efforts!

    I would like to thank Jim and Karen (owners Ally) for their support and assistance.

From Ireland came new photos of Ally's talented offspring, a son and granddaughter at hunting work. The photos you see here.


Have a beautiful day, and all enjoy a relaxing pre-Christmas period.

Eva and perhaps future mother Farrah