Our puppies are 5.5 weeks old & Working news

24/08/2014 06:32

On Wednesday, our puppies are 5 weeks old.
Everybody's great: discover the world at our home and in our garden ... They are very inquisitive, always playing...
Puppies are already feeding fodder, but Farrah about their children still perfectly cared. Also, Amber and Bibi help with education and care of the puppies.
In the photo gallery are new photos of puppies - to see HERE.
Photos of puppies in the exhibition positions - first training - to see HERE.

Puppies are already familiar with the hare dummy, they are fabulous hunters. Photos HERE.

The names of the puppies:

Blue boy - CRYSTAL DIAMOND Silvespoir

Pink girl - COCO CHARMING LADY Silvespoir

Green boy - CLIF WILD STORM Silvespoir

Yellow girl - CALL ME TARRA Silvespoir

Orange girl - CARRIE FAITHFUL LOVE Silvespoir

Purple girl - CELEST ROYAL JEWEL Silvespoir



- AMOR A TRUE LOVE SILVESPOIR - RON - 16. August 2014 - Autumn Test - I. price, 288/300 points, 2nd place!!!

- BE MY KING MARLEY SILVESPOIR - MARLEY - 16. August 2014 - The Cup OMS Karviná (CACT) -
Special Water Work Test- II. price

- BE MY KING MARLEY SILVESPOIR - MARLEY - 17. August 2014 - The Cup OMS Karviná (CACT) -
Autumn Test - I. price, 290/300 points

Congratulations to great results, I'm so proud of you :-)