Puppies are 4 weeks...

15/07/2011 10:11

    On Saturday, our Sweethearts, it celebrates the fifth week!!! From the latest news, they made great progress! Happily running around and playing in our home and our garden. Everything new is very interested. From the third week I started to supplementary feeding, now eat - chicken, beef, fish, milk for puppies, various dairy products like cottage cheese, yogurt and various vegetables and fruits, and of course, food for puppies and many other goodies. All have large appetites and beautifully put on weight.

At the beginning of the 4th week was their weight:

Blue Boy 3178 g

Red Boy - 2739 g

Pink Girl - 3133 g

Vanilla Girl - 3542 g

Purple Girl - 3094 g

Orange Boy - 3279 g

Yellow Girl - 3066 g

Green Boy - 3325 g

    Photos of 3 week, available here and photos of 4 week, available here. This weekend, I tried to show confronts the puppies in the show position. Some cooperate more, others less, photos here.

Soon I will add more news.
Have a nice day
Eva and Silvespoir gang