Puppies are 5 weeks...

19/07/2011 14:52

    Puppies today celebrated the 38th day life in this world. Every day they play in the garden and also at home, where they are during the night managed to demolish the "yet" a few magazines.

Beautifully gain weight, you can see here:

Blue Boy 4495 g

Red Boy - 3832 g

Pink Girl - 4133 g

Vanilla Girl - 4641 g

Purple Girl - 4131 g

Orange Boy - 4342 g

Yellow Girl - 4028 g

Green Boy - 4493 g


     Our puppies have had first introduction to 'game' - pheasant wing and dummy hare. They all showed great interest in the wing and the dummy, they are our sweethearts. Photos of familiarization with the game and also other pictures from this weekend here.
     I would like during this week again put the puppies in show position, hopefully will do well.

Soon to contact you again.
Beautiful and sunny summer day wishes
Eva, Farrah and 8 gray devils