Puppies celebrated first Week ...

20/06/2011 07:44

    Yesterday puppies "celebrated" the first week in this world, literally growing before the eyes! On Saturday, there were also weighing, each of which gained nearly 100% of their birth weight, they are proper "eaters"! Puppies started voice to show, among contented munching, also otherwise - the first attempts at barking, ... which are increasingly common.

 Current weight:

 Blue Boy - 912 g

 Red Boy - 717 g

 Pink Girl - 867 g

 Vanilla Girl - 1070 g

 Purple Girl - 900 g

 Orange Boy - 974 g

 Yellow Girl - 921 g

 Green Boy - 871 g

On Tuesday we went docked tails, they managed it to number one! Farrah is exemplary mother, she manages to care for the famously tiny! The gallery, I added lots of new photos for fast viewing here.

Beautiful Day wishes to all

Eva, Farrah & 8 gray angels