Puppies celebrated two weeks...

29/06/2011 15:18

    Today is the 18th day when our litter A came to this world. Puppies over the last week really made great progress ...
The puppies have grown up in tiny dogs on us watching beautiful blue eyes and relocate after a box mostly walking. First legs to stand Vanilla girl once at the beginning of last week, and first opened his eyes was red boy. Too cute already seeing the first attempts of the game  and the first signs characters of puppies.

    During this week I would like to visit here vytřvořila each puppy's own card, which will be given basic information about each of them and photos. These cards will gradually with age supplemented with additional information and photos. At the Fotogalery I uploaded a lot of great new photos here.

The weight of puppies in age of 14 days are:

Blue Boy - 1320 g

Red Boy - 1200 g

Pink Girl - 1329 g

Vanilla Girl - 1612 g

Purple Girl - 1333 g

Orange Boy - 1450 g

Yellow Girl - 1416 g

Green Boy - 1386 g


Beautiful summer day wishes

Eva, Farrah & 8 gray puppies