We are waiting puppies...

07/05/2011 10:07

    For all those interested in our puppies and for all who are with us enjoying at the "gray gifts" in our kennel, I have good news - FARRAH IS PREGNANT!!! On sonographic examination, we went yesterday. Our vet saw about four puppies, so we'll see how many are around 12th June "peeks" at the world. During the upcoming period of pregnancy, I will regularly update this site and inform you about how to manage expectant mother.

     In the gallery, I have recently uploaded new photos Farrah and today I added more, to see in the section Farrah - three and a half years, or here. More photos were added in the section - From hunting training, where I uploaded photos from the field on Wednesday ( that day was the 25th of Farrah already pregnant ), to watch here.

 Have a beautiful and sunny day.

 Your Eva & pregnant Farrah